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Grant professionals are great at asking all the right questions to write successful proposals. But how often do we turn those analytical skills, laser focus, and curiosity toward our consulting careers.  

  • Gathering the courage to take the plunge into building your business? Morphology is for you.
  • Burning out with too many clients and overwhelming deadlines? Morphology is for you. 
  • Seeking new opportunities in coaching, training and other ways to transform your consulting? Morphology is for you. 

Learn and explore at your own pace in this 90-minute on-demand webinar that answers burning questions about business planning, defining your True North in priorities, technical support and productivity, essential tools and products that can save time and money-and much more.

Are you a grant consultant looking to grow your business or someone looking to make that leap? What’s holding you back?

If you are like most people, it’s all the things you don’t know that keep you from taking that first step.


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Allison Boyd, GPC

In Business Since 2003

Favorite thing about consulting: flexibility so I can make my family a priority

Amanda Day, GPC

In Business Since 2001

Favorite thing about consulting: the amazing people I work with

Kimberly Hays De Muga, GPC

In Business Since 1995

Favorite thing about consulting: the opportunity to partner with so many great organizations